This page contains videos of Mini – Normal & Large Balloon Lights using Sparkle Lites® & Party Dots®

Large Balloon Lights

This video shows how to light up large balloons with our Sparkle Lites® balloon light. You can light up 16″ and 2ft and 3ft balloons with no cords or wires. Sparkle Lites L.E.D Base and Loop Adapter combine together to make a Super Size Balloon Light and it’s so easy to do, anyone can do it, a great D.I.Y decor idea for any party or event.
You can helium fill or air fill the giant 3ft balloon, but hanging them air filled with the Super Sized balloon lights inside is a dynamic effect.
We even sell the air inflators that you will need to make the job easier to inflate the larger balloons.
Sparkle Lites® large balloon lights.

Mini Balloon Lights

Mini Party Balls are small 5 inch balloons with a Party Dot® inside to create a light up mini party ball or mini balloon light. The small balloon lights are air filled, you can inflate them using a hand balloon pump or air machine. You simply drop the Party Dot® inside the mini balloon and you have created a mini balloon light or mini party ball. Perfect idea to scatter on the dance floor to create a light up dance floor, you’ll need at least 30 of them for the best effect.
A great addition to any party, a unique decoration for formals, weddings, birthday parties, graduations and more. Mini Balloon Lights with Party Dots®.

Balloon Lights

Party Dots® make great balloon lights, perfect to simply drop into 11 inch balloons and air fill them or helium fill them, you can scatter them on the floor or float them on the ceiling, a great dance floor decor idea.
This video shows you how easy it is to use Party Dots® to light up normal 12 inch latex balloons, when the lights go down the balloon lights come into their own, becoming the life of the party. Party Dots are not a cheap balloon light like some out there in the market, they glow or blink and last for 12 hours bright and 24 hours or more less bright, batteries are included, they are lightweight and so easy and versatile, great for any event.