These are Balloon Lights. The balloons are 28cm latex balloons

Balloon lights are available in 3 different product variations. You can watch the video below to see them and find out more.

We have White Balloons with White glowing lights.

Multicoloured balloons with stars printed on them with a white glowing light inside.

White balloons with a crazy, fun colour changing l.e.d. light inside.

They are all the same low price of only $7.95 per packet of 5.

Balloon lghts can be air filled or helium filled – see our instructional videos for more information and helpful step by step instructions.


Watch the video to the left to find out more about our balloon lights.

Helium filled they float for 8 hours – l.e.d light lasts 6 to 8 hours

Air filled they last a lot longer. scatter them on the floor – make them into bunches, float them on a pool, it’s so easy to do and they look fantastic at night.

Only $7.95 per packet of 5 it is not expensive to get 100 to fill a room and bring any party to life, the l.e.d lights are completely safe.

Balloon Lights are so easy anyone can do them

and they bring any party to life.