Frequently Asked Questions about Sparkle Hearts

Here are many frequently, common asked questions and their answers about Sparkle Hearts, if your question is not covered here, we always welcome you to contact us and we will be more than happy to assist with any of your questions.

Do Sparkle Hearts come with batteries?

Yes Sparkle Hearts come with two batteries. Sparkle Hearts also have a pull tab to assist in stopping the battery drainage and shelf life.

Can I change the batteries on Sparkle Hearts?

No. The inside of a Sparkle Heart has many small parts which are easily damaged.

How long will Sparkle Heart last?

We have designed our Sparkle Hearts to last a minimum of 24 hours. As this product is not the same as other Sparkle Lites® products there is no function switch or different modes. The light of a Sparkle Heart softly fades in and out similar to a beating heart.

Are Sparkle Hearts re-usable?

As Sparkle Hearts generally last for 24 hours yes, you can re-use them. Of course the light will be dimmer and dimmer as the time goes on.

Are Sparkle Hearts waterproof?

No. Sparkle Hearts are water resistant but not waterproof. If used in floral arrangements and happen to be sprayed with water this will not affect the Sparkle Heart. Sparkle Hearts are not designed to be waterproof and as such the water will damage the inner workings and make them unusable.

Can I purchase the Sparkle Hearts in less quantities than a pack?

Sparkle Hearts are in retail ready clam shell packs of 5. This is to not only make for ease of selling but to protect the products.

Do the Sparkle Hearts get hot when the light is left on for a period of time?

No, Sparkle Hearts L.E.D light is only 4.5 volts and L.E.D lights burn cold, they do not get hot when they work.

How long will the batteries last if I put Sparkle Hearts in a drawer and want to use them at a later date?

As a rule of thumb the batteries will be good for 12 months from the time that they are manufactured.

Can I purchase a mixed colour pack of Sparkle Hearts?

No we are only selling solid colour packs of product in White, Pink, Red and Printed.

Can I purchase Sparkle Hearts in bulk?

Yes on the Sparkle Hearts page we have listed there special bulk quantities for discounted prices.

Can I get the Sparkle Hearts printed or personalised?

YES You can have your name or names & or message custom printed on any color Sparkle Hearts.
The minimum order is only 50 Hearts, you can choose different ink colours & they will be personalized for your special day. Weddings, birthdays, Valentines Day, any occasion & any message. We can even add your logo to Sparkle Hearts, email us for more information.

Are Sparkle Hearts safe and do they meet the safety standards?

All of our products contain no Phthalates, no lead, no mercury and we follow the most stringent possible standards in the manufacture of our products.

Can I purchase Sparkle Hearts & other Sparkle Lites® products in my Country ?

Yes, we ship worldwide if you order online & we have fixed price shipping for International orders. If there is not a distributor in your Country, we want to be sure that you are able to purchase our products, so we offer this service. If there are distributors in your Country, we are more than happy to advise you who they are. If you would like to distribute Sparkle Lites® products in your Country or know of someone who you think should, we would be more than happy to provide information on the distribution options that are available.
International shipping takes 10 to 14 days unless a faster method is required, such as Fedex, where additional costs will apply.