Frequently Asked Questions about Sparkle Lites®

Here are many frequently, common asked questions and their answers about Sparkle Lites®, if your question is not covered here, we always welcome you to contact us and we will be more than happy to assist with any of your questions.

Do Sparkle Lites® come with Batteries and can I change the batteries?

Yes you can change the batteries on the Sparkle Lites® waterproof L.E.D. Base. We include the batteries when you purchase Sparkle Lites®, you will need 2x CR2032 button cell batteries – we sell replacement batteries but do not guarantee that batteries you purchase elsewhere will work, as sometimes cheaper batteries can be thinner and not suitable.

How long will Sparkle Lites® L.E.D. Base last?

We have designed our Sparkle Lites® L.E.D. Base to last a minimum of 24 hours bright, incredibly bright. The first colour to dim will be the colour changing base, then the pink, orange, red, blue green and white will last the longest. If you use Sparkle Lites® L.E.D Base in blinking mode it will last for days and days.

Are the fiber optic heads re-usable?

Absolutely yes, you can re-use them many many times and they are all designed to fit onto the Sparkle Lites® System. Of course over time the fiber optics will become “shabby”
with wear and tear if not treated and stored well.

Are all components of the Sparkle Lites® System waterproof?

Yes, whether you purchase the L.E.D Base and stem or the fiber optic heads that attach to the base, they are all completely waterproof, you can submerge them with no fear of them breaking, the fiber optic twigs are wrapped in floral tape, over time this may start to come apart under water.

Can I purchase the Stems separately from the L.E.D. Base?

The Stems are included “free of charge” with every L.E.D. Base sold, they are also available to purchase separately.

Does the Sparkle Lites® base get hot when the light is left on for a period of time?

No, we use a super bright L.E.D light but it is only 4.5 volts and L.E.D lights burn cold, they do not get hot when they work.

How long will the batteries last if I put Sparkle Lites® in a drawer and want to use them at a later date?

As a rule of thumb the batteries will be good for 12 months from the time that they are manufactured, we strongly suggest that you use fresh batteries or leave the batteries out of Sparkle lites® if you are storing them, as any contact with metal will tend to drain the batteries.

Can I purchase a multicoloured pack of Sparkle Lites® L.E.D Bases?

At present all packs are in solid colours, for example, 5 pink, 5 white, 5 blue etc.

Can I mix the Sparkle Lites® fiber optic heads or do I have to purchase a pack of 5 of each type?

No, we do not sell less than 5 of each fiber optic Sparkle Lites heads, so if you wish to purchase white, blue green and purple butterflies for example, each colour is sold 5 per pack.

Are Sparkle Lites® safe and do they meet the safety standards?

All of our products contain no Phthalates, no lead, no mercury and we follow the most stringent possible standards in the manufacture of our products.

Can I purchase Sparkle Ribbon® & other Sparkle Lites® products in other Countries ?

Yes, we ship worldwide if you order online & we have fixed price shipping for International orders. If there is not a distributor in your Country, we want to be sure that you are able to purchase our products, so we offer this service. If there are distributors in your Country, we are more than happy to advise you who they are. If you would like to distribute Sparkle Lites® products in your Country or know of someone who you think should, we would be more than happy to provide information on the distribution options that are available.
International shipping takes 10 to 14 days unless a faster method is required, such as Fedex, where additional costs will apply.