We consider normal Balloon Lights to be 28cm latex balloons and Party Dots®

Balloon lights are so easy to make when you use Party Dots®, there is nothing complex to do, you simply drop the Party Dot® inside the balloon, inflate the balloon with helium or air and then you can turn the Party Dot® on by pressing the tiny switch on the side, ( you simply feel for the switch through the balloon ). If you are making your balloon lights on the day of your party, that’s even better.. turn the Party Dot® on and then put it inside the balloon as the Party Dot® will blink brightly inside the balloon for 24 hours or more. Blinking Balloon lights are far more effective and will last longer, if you want glowing balloon lights, switch the Party Dot® to glow mode, it will last 10 to 12 hours bright. Balloon lights are best used in low light decor, if the lights are up too high you will not see the effect. To view our photo gallery of Balloon lights click here… To view the videos on Balloon lights see the video below.


Watch the video to the left, you will find it helpful and possibly inspiring. You can air fill or helium fill your 30cmlatex balloons with a Party Dot® inside, the float time will vary depending on the temperature and altitude but all of our tests indicate that the balloon will float for at least 8 hours and if you use Hi Float® the balloon will float for 24 hours or more.

See the video on how to use Hi Float® here…