2.5 METRE White Ribbon Lites 1 Pack 25 L.E.D.’s


2.5  Metres long -( EXTRA LONG )  4cm wide (1.5″) beautiful silver foil threaded ribbon with a strand of L.E.D lights threaded up through the centre of the wide ribbon.
A total of 25 Super Bright White Long Lasting L.E.D lights are in each strand. SOLD 1 PER PACK
At the bottom of the strand is a battery box that takes 3 x AA Alkaline Batteries.
( Batteries are not included ). We purchase the Alkaline AA Batteries from Costco®, Target® or Bunnings® and in our tests the batteries
last more than 24 hours Super Bright. A switch is on the battery box and the L.E.D lights glow beautifully, or blink & you can turn them on/off.
You can use these White Ribbon Lites on helium filled Bubble Balloons, 90cm latex helium balloons or use them for gift wrapping, on decor of any kind, to light up large balloon topiary trees, light up balloon columns, the uses are almost endless.