Assorted Chromium 30cm latex Balloons bag of 50 6 Colours per bag mixed hand bagged


Bag of 100 Assorted Chromium Balloons ( Chrome Balloons ). These are a true 30cm latex balloon, with a beautiful teardrop / pear shape, not the weird shape of the Qualatex Chrome Balloons.
These are 100% biodegradable helium grade quality latex balloons. Ultra hi float compatible. Float time with helium is a good 12 hours, with Ultra Hi Float, up to a week.
That stunning Chrome finish, we all them Chromium Balloons and we import them from our own trusted proprietary supplier. MIXED BAG OF 100
Do not pay $50 a bag of 100 or more for Chrome Balloons. Special discounts for balloon decorators and resellers of up to 50%, email us for more information. Bulk discounts also available.