Assorted Sparkle Collars 5 pack


5 Assorted Sparkle Collars – 3 L.E.D lights surrounding a U.F.O shaped disc with a V in the disc to slide onto the necks of latex balloons. The L.E.D lights are evenly spaced around the outside edge of Sparkle Collars giving a 360 degree lighted effect, so you can see the effect from all angles, anywhere in the room. Sparkle Collars are sold 1 per retail blister pack, perfect for party and retail store. You can turn them off and change function by pressing the tiny switch on the flat side of the U.F.O shape of Sparkle Collars. Assorted contains Red Blue Green Orange Pink Sparkle Collars ( no white ). If you want the balloons to float for 24 hours or more – use Hi Float® – just a 1/2 a squirt is all you need to help the helium balloons float for 2 – 3 up to 5 times longer.