Clear 28cm latex balloons 5 pack


5 Pack of clear 11 inch ( 28cm) latex balloons. These balloons are used to create “Sparkle Walkers”. Sparkle Walkers are helium filled 28cm latex balloons and when you attach the clip of the Sparkle Ribbon to the neck of the balloon, the balloons stand up with the battery ball sitting on the floor. Sparkle Walkers, sometimes called “Sparkle Dancers” will blink or glow for more than 24 hours, the helium balloon will float for around 8 to 10 hours before it starts to lower due to the weight of Sparkle Ribbon®. Use Ultra Hi Float® inside the clear balloons and the balloons will float for more than 24 hours – up to 4 days. Watch our video on Sparkle Ribbon & Clear balloons to see the stunning effect.

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