Clear Stars Around 45cm 5 pack


5 Pack of Clear Stars Around 45cm latex balloons, these balloons are clear with white stars printed all around the balloon, this is a LARGE balloon. Attaching Sparkle Ribbon® to the neck of these balloons, ( once they are helium filled ), the balloons will float to the ceiling to create a ceiling scatter, they can also be used in balloon bouquets. They will float to the ceiling for around 8 hours and then will slowly hover for around an hour until the small battery ball sits on the floor, this then turns this into a “Sparkle Walker”. You get 2 effects for the price of one, a Sparkle Floater for around 8 hours and then a Sparkle Walker for around 8 hours more. If you use Ultra Hi Float® on these balloons, they will float for 24 hours or more, up to 3 days. They are sold 5 per pack.

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