Fiber Optic Fireworks 5 pack


5 Fiber Optic Fireworks to attach to the Sparkle Lites® L.E.D light Base. Fireworks and Bases are sold separately. The Fiber Optic Fireworks are completely waterproof. They light up whatever colour base you attach them to, so you can have a Fireworks light up by whatever colour base you choose. These are perfect to put into floral arrangements, centrepieces, for weddings, engagements, formal functions, birthdays, every occasion.
These are the brightest and most dynamic of any of the fiber optic heads, the light travels through the fibers, around the fibers and to the tips of the fibers, they are truly stunning. The Fireworks are supplied in the pack completely straight, you need to spread the fibers to fan them out to give you the desired effect, watch our video on the best way to do this.