Gel Beads / Water Beads


Gel Beads 5 per pack. Clear Gel Beads 35 oz ( 10g ) pack. 1 Pack makes around 1 litre of Gel Beads when water is added.
Simply add water and then wait around 45 minutes to 2 hours, the longer you wait, the bigger the gel beads will grow. Add food colouring to change the colour of the Gel Beads to make them any colour. See our Video for more information.
These gel beads grow to around 1cm in diameter for each gel bead. These are also referred to as water beads, liquid soil or floral beads.
To light up the Gel Beads you can use several of our products.For small vases use one Party Dot®. Make sure you drain the water from the vase before adding the Party Dot® as the Party Dot is not waterproof, gel beads will not affect it
For larger Vases ( around 30 to 40cm tall ) add a Sparkle Lites Waterproof Base, this will give off around 5 times more light.
For Really tall vases use a SUPER SIZE BALLOON LITE – This light base had 10 Super Bright L.E.D. lights and is perfect for vases taller than 30 to 40cm, this light is also Remote Controlled and completely waterproof.