Green Large 45cm balloons 5 pack


This listing is for 5 Green Large 3ft ( 45cm ) latex balloons – these are 45cm in diameter when inflated. These are helium grade quality latex balloons, so you can helium fill them or air fill them depending upon your preference. Please watch the Video to fully understand how large these balloons are and how to light them up with our new STICKY LIGHTS! You receive 5 Large balloons & 5 Green Sticky Lights. The effect is best when the lights are low or it’s dark outside, they can be used indoors or out. If you are inflating with air, you will need an electric air inflator or air compressor, if  you are intending to inflate with helium, one of these is equivalent to approx 4-5 normal latex balloons, so you will need a gas cylinder to inflate 25 balloons to inflate 5 of these. Please watch our video to see easy to follow instructions and be inspired. The balloon will float with helium for approx 8-12 hours with the Sticky Light inside. ( in controlled conditions )

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