Red Mini Balloon lights 5 pack


5 Red Mini Balloon lights . These are mini 5 inch (9cm) latex balloons with a matching coloured Party Dot®. You simply open the neck of the small balloon and drop the Party Dot® inside, the Party Dot® brings the small balloon to life and lights it up beautifully. Mini balloon lights are so much fun to decorate with and play with, everyone wants to play with them at the event. They are a great dance floor scatter idea, no helium required as you inflate them with air, you can purchase a balloon inflator from us or inflate them by mouth if you feel you have enough hot air. Mini Balloon lights with Party Dots® blink or glow, you simply press the tiny switch on the side of the Party Dot® to change function, you can even change the function and turn them on and off when they are inside the small balloons & they will last more than 12 hours in glow mode and more than 24 hours in blinking mode.