Super Size Balloon Lite® DELUXE Kit


This Deluxe kit includes everything that you need to create your own Super Size Balloons with lights inside. The Kit includes 4 x Super Size Balloon Lites® – 2 Remote Controls – 8 x Giant 90cm White latex balloons – 8 Modelling balloons to tie the balloons in place- 10 Jumbo Clips to seal the balloon plus a dual nozzle 680 watt hi speed Electric Balloon Inflator. We include white balloons as they give the best effect and they light up whatever colour you select on your Super Size Balloon Lite®.
Make sure you watch our instructional videos so that you can see how easy it is to do.
You can hang these balloons anywhere to create a dynamic effect or add them to other decor that you may create.
If you want different balloon colours other than White, please contact us before ordering. All photos shown are of 90cm WHITE balloons with the Super Size balloon lite® inside.