Super Size Balloon Lite® Kit in plain box


Super Size Balloon Lites® are sold 4 PER PACK – In each plain box you receive 4 Super Size Balloon Lites®, 2 Remote Controls, 4 Tie in (modelling balloons), 5 Jumbo Clips ( to seal the balloon shut ). Each Super Size Balloon Lite® requires 3 AAA batteries ( batteries are not included ). This now comes in a plain box – not a colour box.
With the remote control you can change the Colour of the Super Size Balloon Lite® when it is inside the balloon, there are 16 different light colours to choose from, plus 3 different colour changing modes, you can increase brightness and decrease the brightness and turn it on and off.
The range of the remote control is around 10 metres and you must point it at the balloon light you wish to control.
These are SUPER BRIGHT and light up 90cm 3ft balloons very brightly, in our testing these light up brightly for around 10 hours or more, so they will last your entire event. You can replace the batteries of course and our Super Size balloon lites® are completely waterproof, so you can use them in vases and centrepieces as well as use them inside balloons. Balloons are Sold Separately. If you have any questions we are always here to help.
We created this product, so you will be talking to the creator, created by balloon professionals. This will float in a 3ft helium filled balloon for more than 24 hours in our testing, so you can light up helium 3ft balloons with our Super Size Balloon Lite®.