Thank you for taking the time to view our videos of Sparkle Ribbon®. We hope they are helpful &inspiring.

Sparkle Ribbon® on clear balloons “Stunning”

This video shows you how stunning it looks when you attach Sparkle Ribbon® onto clear latex balloons.

We are using 28cm and 45cm balloons in this video and it truly has to be seen to be believed, they look “Stunning”.

We hope that you enjoy this video as much as we enjoyed filming, making and editing it, it is one of our favourites.

A big thank you to Kaylee for being the star attraction.

Introducing Sparkle Ribbon®

This video introduces Sparkle Ribbon®.

We show you how to use Sparkle Ribbon®, the beautiful colours that Sparkle Ribbon® comes in, how long it is and how easy it is to incorporate into decor pieces of any kind. Sparkle Ribbon® is perfect to bring to life balloon bouquets, centrepieces, create Light up walking balloons, light up floating balloons, Sparkle ceiling scatters and even add light strands to floral arrangements.

We hope that you enjoy the video and that it inspires you as to the many applications of Sparkle Ribbon®.

Creating Sparkle Ribbon® Walkers

We call these “Sparkle Walkers”, some people call them Sparkle Dancers, here is what they are.

12″ balloons ( 30cm ) either latex balloons or foil balloons and you attach the clip of the Sparkle Ribbon® onto the neck of the helium filled balloon.

The small battery ball at the other end of Sparkle Ribbon® acts as a the pendulum weight and these stand up and move with the air flow, they look like they are are walking or dancing, simply stunning !

Hi Floated Sparkle Walkers

This video is very similar to the previous Sparkle Walkers video but it shows you how to add Ultra Hi Float® to the latex balloons to help them float even longer.

The Ultra Hi Float® coats the inside of the balloon and prevents the helium gas escaping so quickly.
With Ultra Hi Float®, these can last for days !

A 21st Birthday “Sparkled”

This video was taken on an Iphone 4.

Sparkle Ribbon® floating on 16 inch ( 45cm ) balloons on the ceiling and Party Dots® scattered on the table.

The guests, the family & the staff were all talking about how incredible it looked because it was “Sparkled”

We hope you enjoy the video.

Sparkle Ribbon® in hair pieces

Sparkle Ribbon® has such a small ball shaped battery housing it can be hidden almost anywhere.

Here we have threaded Sparkle Ribbon in floral hair pieces and the effect is stunning.

Perfect for bridesmaids, Brides or as floral decor pieces.

What a difference it makes when you Sparkle It !

Sparkle Ribbon® on chair covers

Stunning, elegant, beautiful, unique.

There are 4 words that can describe using Sparkle Ribbon® on chairs and bows.

The small battery ball on the bottom is so lightweight, the Sparkle Ribbon hangs perfectly on the chair bows.

Seeing these in a room is simply stunning.

Sparkle Ribbon® in tall vases

Sparkle Ribbon® is not waterproof but it is water resistant.

Here we have filled a tall vase with gel beads and then placed the strand of Sparkle Ribbon® in center.

The effect is beautiful and evenly spread throughout the tall vase, it illuminates beautifully.
Watch and see how it’s done.

Sparkle Ribbon® in flowers & balloons

This video is using Sparkle Ribbon® in balloons and flowers, showing you more applications for this versatile strand of lights. The small battery ball means you can use Sparkle Ribbon® almost anywhere in almost any decor.

In balloons, in floral, the applications are almost limitless.

Enjoy the video.

Light a 3ft balloon with Sparkle Ribbon®

Though it’s a little tricky, you can light up Super Size 3ft latex balloons ( 90cm ) with Sparkle Ribbon®.

If you feel creative and are looking for a very special kind of large balloon light, then this video is well worth watching.

Just another application for versatile Sparkle Ribbon®