Sparkle Lites is an affordable decorator quality line of L.E.D. products to highlight balloon decor for weddings, functions, parties and special events.

Sparkle Lites products are the creation of Mark and KJ Bailey, it is an Australian Invented product line, created specifically for the balloon and Party Industries.

Anyone can purchase Sparkle Lites products, anyone can create stunning decor by adding a little Sparkle.

Every one of our L.E.D. lighted products have been invented to enhance decor in a specific way, there is a video on every product page explaining the application of each product but that does not limit you to come up with your own ideas and uses. Our products are Not cheap Junk L.E.D’S they are manufactured to our specific requirements and they are designed to last much longer than the function would last to assure great value for money and a spectacular lighted effect.

Most of our products come with batteries included, so you do not have to purchase batteries, some products take AA and AAA batteries, in this case they are not included.

We are an Australian Business and we are based in Brisbane Australia, we are not a massive Company we are a Small Australian Owned operation and when you contact Sparkle Lites you will be dealing with the creators of the product line, we are here to answer any questions you may have.

We ship Australia Wide and anyone can purchase our products and if you order $100 or more we will even ship for free.

Remember our products are not cheap junk, they are decorator quality affordable L.E.D lighted products to help take decor to the next level.

We are so proud of our products and we hope that you see what a difference it makes when you add a little Sparkle.