These are our stunning new Chromium latex balloons. They are a true 30cm teardrop / pear shaped latex balloon with a stunning almost reflective sheen to them. Available in 6 beautiful colours as well as a new multicoloured mixed bag.
Sold in bags of 50. Also known as Chrome Balloons to some people.
We import our own, the shape, the size and the quality is Superb.

PLEASE NOTE WE HAVE A $50 MINIMUM ORDER ( Plus shipping  ) Orders over $100 we offer free standard shipping

 Below are some images of how amazing the Chromium Balloons can actually look, the sheen, the shine, the true metallic look. Treat them with balloon shine and luster is even better. Treat them with Ultra hi float and they float with helium for days and days, not just hours. These are true 30cm latex balloons but size them down and create clusters with them, arches and other stunning air filled balloon decor.

Other accessories you may wish to purchase to help balloons float longer, have a super shine or make for easy inflation.