Frequently Asked Questions about Party Dots®

Here are many frequently, common asked questions and their answers about Party Dots®, if your question is not covered here, we always welcome you to contact us and we will be more than happy to assist with any of your questions.

How long do Party Dots® last ?

White Blue & Green Party Dots® will last the longest – more than 24 hours Red Orange & Pink Party Dots® will last brightly for more than12 hours. Blinking mode will last twice as long as the always on or glowing mode. These are conservative estimates. You can turn them of at any time. Colour changing Party Dots do not blink or glow, they slowly change colour from red to blue to green to pink to white and continue to cycle, as this colour changing L.E.D draws more battery power, they will last up to 10 hours when used continuously.

How do you turn Party Dots® off ?

Press the small switch on the side of the Party Dot until they turn off. Pressing this switch also changes the modes from blinking to glow. Except Colour Changing which softly and slowly changes between the rainbow of colors.

Do Party Dots® get hot, can I use them as balloon lights ?

NO : Party Dots® are completely safe, they have a single L.E.D light which stays completely cold, they do not heat up and can be safely used inside balloons.

Can Party Dots® be put into helium balloons & still float ? How long will they float for?

Yes Party Dots® weigh a mere 3.5 grams, they are one of the lightest balloon lights on the market. You must use a helium grade quality 11″ (28cm) latex balloon to assure that you have the lift required to float the balloon for 8 hours with a Party Dot® inside. You can also use Hi- Float ( a clear liquid solution ) on the inside of the latex balloon to assist in additional float time, but you must use half the amount of recommended Hi- Float to assure you do not weigh the balloon down further.
Depending on your location, the temperature, the humidity, the balloon will float with helium and a Party Dot® inside for a minimum of 6 hours and a maximum of 10 hours, ( longer with Hi- Float )

What will Party Dots® stick to ?

Party Dots® will stick to almost any dry surface, they can be removed but once stuck, they may not stick as well the 2nd time Party Dots stick to most clothing & skin, but fibers from clothing & oils from skin will affect adhesion.
Party Dots® will stick to almost any dry surface, including, but not limited to, Walls, Doors, Glass, Windows, Metal, Wallpaper, Wood, Carpet, Material, Clothing, Skin, Plastic, Curtains, Hair, Paper, Foil, Balloons, Decorations, Trees, Plants, Cement, Fences, Walls, Gifts, Cardboard, Pathways & so much more.

How much is shipping & do we offer other shipping methods ?

Shipping is $9.95 for regular post using Australia Post taking approximately 4-7 working days, and $14.95 using Australia Post express usually over night or one extra day at the most. If you need your order faster or have a tight deadline, contact us prior to placing your order to discuss shipping options, we want you to be happy and get your order on time.

Will Party Dots® cause damage when peeled off of walls ?

We strongly recommend you test one Party Dot® first, the adhesive is very strong on hard surfaces like glass, wood & paintwork, they can be difficult to remove, so we suggest you apply them gently to these surfaces.

Can I change the batteries ?

No, the cost of changing the batteries is not worth the time, also you will damage the Party Dot by attempting to do so, you can turn Party Dots® off with the push switch on the side & re-use them for other events.

Are Party Dots® safe & suitable for young children ?

Yes they are completely safe, but not recommended for children under the age of 6. We strongly advise adult supervision at all times.

Are Party Dots® waterproof, can I put them underwater ?

No, they are not waterproof but they are water resistant. They are safe in the snow or rain, at night or daytime but are not designed to be submerged under water.

What size are Party Dots® ?

Party Dots® are about the diameter of an American Dime , or an Australian 10c piece or an English Penny, exactly 2.2cm in diameter.

How long will Party Dots® last if I turn them off ?

Party Dots® will last in storage for more than 6 months if turned off. Store them in a dry place away from dust and sunlight if possible.

Can I replace the adhesive on the back of Party Dots ?

Yes you can purchase some double sided tape and cut the tape to the right size and apply it to the back of Party Dots®, this will effectively give you another sticky surface after you have used Party Dots for your event. We do not sell spare adhesive circles, we consider Party Dots® a consumable, affordable, disposable lighting effect and as such we believe the most economical and effective solution is to purchase new product for the next event, however some customers have asked us about replacing the adhesive.

Do you sell at Wholesale Prices ?

Yes, if you are wanting to retail or re-sell Party Dots® you will qualify for Wholesale Prices – see our WHOLESALE page for more information and you will save up to 40% off of the published website prices, the minimum order to receive wholesale prices is only $100, you must be genuinely re-selling our products to qualify for wholesale prices.

Do you offer discounts to Schools or Charities and what about fundraising ?

Yes, we do support Schools and Charities, simply contact us with your requirements and give us some information about your event and we will be happy to work with you in regard to price to help you get the best effect for your budget. For fundraising, click on our Fundraising link at the top of the page in the menu bar for more information.

What do I do if a person or animal swallows a Party Dot® ?

Seek Medical Advice immediately. Party Dots® are not suitable for small children 6 years of age or under or animals. We accept no responsibility for the use or mis-use of Party Dots® resulting in death or injury. to any person or persons.

Can I return Party Dots® that are not used for a refund ?

No, all sales are final, there are no refunds and no returns on Party Dots, but you can store your unused Party Dots for another occasion, they will store for more than 12 months. We will, under special circumstances work with clients and organizations, charities, fundraisers on a sale or return basis, but these arrangements must be organized and approved prior to sale.

Where are you based ?

In the Australia our head office is in Brisbane, Queensland.
Remember you can never have enough Party Dots®. Party Dots® require no leads or wires, they have their own batteries they are a great replacement for candles & any indoor or outdoor lighting applications. An Australian Invention.
Party Dots® is a registered Trademark.