Frequently Asked Questions about Sparkle Ribbon®

Here are many frequently, common asked questions and their answers about Sparkle Ribbon®, if your question is not covered here, we always welcome you to contact us and we will be more than happy to assist with any of your questions.

How long will Sparkle Ribbon® last?

Sparkle Ribbon will last in blinking mode for 48 hours or more & be brightest for the first 24 hours. In glow mode it will last 24 hours or more & be brightest for the first 12 hours. You can turn off Sparkle Ribbon® & use it again for another occasion.

Can I change the batteries in Sparkle Ribbon® ?

Yes you change the batteries on Sparkle Ribbon®. Replace with 2 x CR2032 button cell batteries. You must do this carefully so as not to damage the circuit board and spring on the inside of the balloon shaped battery housing. We do sell these batteries on our website. Sparkle Ribbon® is best used fresh, we have made Sparkle Ribbon® very affordable and portable, it may be much more cost effective to purchase a new Sparkle Ribbon®.

How long is Sparkle Ribbon® can they be connected together ?

Sparkle Ribbon® is 90cm long ( approx 3ft ), it is designed to be the perfect length to add to floral arrangements, helium balloons, & to be used in other table decor, place on the backs of chairs, in wedding arrangements etc. You can connect Sparkle Ribbon® together to make it longer by connecting the small clip at the top end into the balloon shaped battery housing opening.
The batteries inside Sparkle Ribbon® are designed to power the 6 l.e.d lights, each length of Sparkle Ribbon® must contain it’s own batteries, any more batteries will short circuit the components, any less, will not be enough to power the 6 l.e.d. lights.

Will Sparkle Ribbon® float on a helium balloon ? If so, what size balloons will I need to float it ?

Sparkle Ribbon® needs a 16″ (45cm) balloon or a minimum of 2 x 11″ (28cm) balloons to lift it to the ceiling and float for 12 hours or more. Sparkle Ribbon® will lift the wire component with the battery compartment resting on the floor, this is an effect we call Sparkle Walkers and this effect can easily be achieved with just one 11″ (28cm) balloon. See our videos section for step by step instructions on using Sparkle Ribbon® with helium balloons.

Is Sparkle Ribbon® waterproof ?

Sparkle Ribbon® is water resistant, water will not affect the wire, the l.e.d lights or the battery compartment. You can submerse the wire & the l.e.d. lights but you cannot submerse the balloon shape battery housing under water, it is not waterproof. Spraying water on any part of Sparkle Ribbon,® in flowers for example, will not affect Sparkle Ribbon®.

Does Sparkle Ribbon® glow as well as Blink ?

Yes, the new improved Sparkle Ribbon®, which was launched in December 2011 has a multi function switch located on the balloon shaped battery housing. This switch, when pressed, turns on Sparkle Ribbon® and the L.E.D lights glow brightly. Press the switch again and the function changes to slow blinking mode, press again and the function changes to fast blinking, press again and Sparkle Ribbon® turns off. PLEASE NOTE * Previous versions of Sparkle Ribbon®, (pre December 2011 ) did not have these functions, by ordering online your are assured of receiving the latest Sparkle Ribbon® with the freshest of batteries, our stock is turned over every 8 – 10 weeks.

How long will Sparkle Ribbon® last in storage, if it is new and if it has been used before ?

We insert a removable pull tab into Sparkle Ribbon®, this tab prevents leakage of power between the batteries and the circuit board and is very important to assure a shelf life of up to 2 years if this tab remains inserted. If the tab is removed and you turn Sparkle Ribbon® off, but do not replace the pull tab, Sparkle Ribbon® should be good to use again 3 months later. Without the insertion of the pull tab, there is a small amount of current that passes between the batteries and the circuit board, this is the reason why the shelf life is less compared to the pull tab being inserted. Be sure to store Sparkle Ribbon® in a cool dry place for best results.

Is Sparkle Ribbon® safe? Is it conductive ? Can I get an electric shock from using it ?

Sparkle Ribbon® is completely safe, it is NOT conductive, you cannot receive an electric shock from using it. We will explain: The curling ribbon that is attached to the Sparkle Ribbon® clip is non conductive, it is rayon ribbon ( plastic base material ). The battery housing is made of polyethylene plastic & non conductive. The wire that connects the L.E.D lights is completely insulated & the L.E.D lights themselves are heat shrink wrapped in plastic. Finally, the amount of power that is running through Sparkle Ribbon® generated by the tiny button cell batteries is only 3 volts. So Sparkle Ribbon® is completely safe to use in all environments, even around water, outdoors in any weather including snow.

How heavy is Sparkle Ribbon® ? If I want to float Sparkle Ribbon® will it float?

Sparkle Ribbon® is a very lightweight strand of L.E.D lights, we do not have a large battery compartment like many other strings of lights on the market, this is a deliberate design feature. The battery compartment is so small, it can be easily hidden inside flowers and floral arrangements and centrepieces. The wire of Sparkle Ribbon® weighs approx 1.5 grams. The battery housing of Sparkle Ribbon® weighs approx 5 grams. Total weight approx 6.5 grams.

Does Sparkle Ribbon® meet the safety requirements for all Countries ?

Yes, Sparkle Ribbon® is designed to meet the latest specifications for the United States and Europe. Sparkle Ribbon® meets Rohs standards & California Proposition 64 standards. It contains no lead or Phtalates, no mercury in the batteries. Sparkle Ribbon® does contain small parts and we strongly advise supervising small children under the age of 6. Please dispose of the package thoroughly as this can be a choking hazard.

Can I purchase Sparkle Ribbon® & other Sparkle Lites® products in my Country ?

Yes, we ship worldwide if you order online & we have fixed price shipping for International orders. If there is not a distributor in your Country, we want to be sure that you are able to purchase our products, so we offer this service. If there are distributors in your Country, we are more than happy to advise you who they are. If you would like to distribute Sparkle Lites® products in your Country or know of someone who you think should, we would be more than happy to provide information on the distribution options that are available.
International shipping takes 10 to 14 days unless a faster method is required, such as FedEx, where additional costs will apply.