White light up CUBE Weight


A Clear frosted Cube bubble weight with a White L.E.D light in the bottom to light up the entire weight !
These are hand made from clear resin in Brisbane Australia, absolutely unique and not available anywhere else.

You can turn the L.E.D light off by pressing the base and the L.E.D. light can be replaced and you can use the cube weight again !

The L.E.D. light glows softly for 2 seconds and then goes off for 2 seconds and then glows again and again and again, this extends the battery life and brightness.

Lasts for more than 24 hours glowing on and off. This weight has a hook that is provided to screw into the top of the weight and will hold up to 20 x 30cm helium balloons or 1 x 90cm helium balloon.

See a video of this new light up balloon weight here.

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