Thank you for taking the time to view our videos of our Sparkle Lites® L.E.D Waterproof System

The Sparkle Lites® waterproof system

This video explains the “Sparkle Lites® System” It shows how the system works and gives some inspirational ways that you can use the system in flowers & other decorative centerpieces.
Perfect for weddings, formal events, Bar Mitzvah’s, birthday’s, graduations and much more.
Sparkle Lites® are completely waterproof, last for more than 24 hours & are re-usable.

Sparkle Lites® Fireworks

This video will help explain Sparkle Lites® Fireworks.
Sparkle Lites® are clear Fiber Optic strands joined together at the base, when fanned out & attached to a Sparkle Lites® base, they create the stunning effect of bursting fireworks.

Fibre Optic Fireworks are clear in colour, it is when they are placed onto the Sparkle Lites® base that they burst with colour as the L.E.D light projects up the fiber optic strands to the tips.

Sparkle Lites® Twigs

This video will show Sparkle Lites® Fiber Optic Twigs.
Sparkle Lites® Twigs are available in white or brown That is the colour of the floral tape that they are wrapped in. The Fiber Optic Twigs fit onto any Sparkle Lites base & stem. They light up up by placing them on the Sparkle Lites® base.
Fiber Optic Twigs and the Sparkle Lites® base & Stem are sold separately & are sold in packs of 5. The Twigs have 3 branches per piece, the longest of which is 18cm long (7″), they are completely flexible & can be wound or bent or weaved throughout any decor piece or centrepiece.

Sparkle Lites® Butterflies

Sparkle Lites® Fiber Optic Butterflies come in 8 different colours. White – Pink – Blue – Green – Orange – Purple – Red – Yellow.

Any of our Butterflies fit onto any Sparkle Lites® base.
The butterflies light up on the Sparkle Lites® base.

You can create beautiful colour variants by placing different Butterfly Colours on different Sparkle Lites® L.E.D bases – Butterflies and Sparkle Lites® bases are sold separately.

Sparkle Lites® Hummingbirds & Bumble Bees

Sparkle Lites® Hummingbirds are available in the following colours. Green – Orange – Purple & Red. The Bumble Bee comes in yellow.
Any Hummingbird fits onto any Sparkle Lites® base.
We have also used the stem in this video.
They light up by placing them on the Sparkle Lites® base.
The base & stem are sold separately & have replaceable batteries.
Placed above floral arrangements or centrepieces, they appear to hover above the flowers, elegant and beautiful & a great talking point in any decor piece.

Sparkle Lites® Fiber optic Flowers

This video showcases our Fiber Optic Flowers.
These attach to the Sparkle Lites L.E.D light bases and they illuminate whatever colour base you place it on.
The fiber optic flowers are completely waterproof and can be placed into floral arrangement, bouquets or any form of decorative centrepiece.
Watching this video will give you a greater understanding of the Sparkle Lites® system and we hope to inspire.

Sparkle Lites® Adapters explained

This video will help explain the Sparkle Lites® adapters that have been specifically engineered to fit into the Sparkle Lites® Base forming part of the Sparkle Lites® system.

The Loop Adapter, the Sticky Adapter, the Riser and the Stem all fit into the Sparkle Lites® base to aid in showing the many, many uses for the products and the versatility.

Enjoy the video & thank you for watching.

Sparkle Lites® Ideas

We love sharing new and fun decorating ideas.

This video shows some cute and Sparkly ideas we wanted to share using several of the Sparkle Lites® products. Sparkle Lites® are portable illumination L.E.D products that are perfect for balloon, party, floral, events, and DIY lovers everywhere. If you like lights and you like Sparkle, then Sparkle Lites® is for you.

Sparkle Lites® base lighting a 3ft balloon

Balloons can be fun, elegant, whimsical and exciting. And then you light them up! Light up Balloons take on a whole new level of fun, indoors or out.

Watch our step by step video showing how we easily use Sparkle Lites® bases and the special Loop Adapter to light up these large 3 foot balloons, a portable super size balloon light.

Enjoy the video & thank you for watching.