Mini Balloon Lights are cute little 9cm balloons with a Party Dot® inside

Mini Balloon Lights are so cute and irresistible to play with any any party of event. No matter what the age of the party guests they just have to pick them up and play with them and everyone wants to take one, or more, home with them. Mini Balloon lights are small 5 inch (9cm) latex balloons with a Party Dot® put inside to light it up. They are completely safe, easy to make and make great dance floor decor, or just throw them around the room for fun and colour. They are perfect indoors or outdoors and when the lights go down they become the life of the Party. They can blink or glow, just press the tiny switch on the side of Party Dots® to change the function.

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The Video to the left shows you how to make Mini Balloon lights, also called mini party balls. They are so much fun and so easy to with Party Dots®.
The mini 9cm balloons are not easy to get so we provide them to save you the hassle.

See how much fun Mini Balloon Lights can be.

Enjoy the video and we hope we inspire you !