Clear 45cm latex balloons 5 pack


5 Pack of clear 16 inch ( 45cm) latex balloons. These balloons are used to create “Sparkle Floaters”. Sparkle Floaters are helium filled 45cm latex balloons and when you attach the clip of the Sparkle Ribbon® to the neck of the balloon, the balloons float up to the ceiling as the larger 45cm balloons have ample lift.. “Sparkle Floaters”, will blink or glow for more than 24 hours, the helium balloon will float on the ceiling for around 8 hours and then slowly start to hover and then settle so that the battery ball rests on the floor, then they will stay there for the next 8 hours or so, giving you TWICE the effect, you get a Sparkle Floater for around 8 hours and a Sparkle Walker for around 8 hours more. Use Ultra Hi Float and the balloon will float on the ceiling for more than 24 hours up to 3 days. Watch our video on Sparkle Ribbon & Clear balloons to see the stunning effect.

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