White Sparkle Lites® Bases 5 pack


5 White Sparkle Lites® Waterproof Light up bases. The bases are the foundation of the Sparkle Lites® lighting system. Each base contains a super bright 5mm L.E.D light and 2 x CR2032 batteries, which are replaceable. Sparkle Lites® Bases can be used by themselves to light up vases, water beads, floral gel, luminary bags, gift bags, paper lanterns and have many other floral and decor applications. You can also attach the fiber optic heads to the top of the Sparkle Lites® Base and the underside of the base is designed to take our loop adapters, sticky adapters & stems. Sparkle Lites® Waterproof Bases will last for more than 12 hours bright in glow mode and more than 24 hours in blinking mode, you change modes by pressing the tiny waterproof switch on the top of the Base. Bases and heads are sold separately. We include a Free Stem or floral pick with each base, please indicate if you wish to have these by selecting from the drop down box. The stems are FREE if you need them, but we do not include them if you do not require them. CHOOSE WHETHER YOU WANT STEMS OR NOT BEFORE CHOOSING LITE BASE COLOUR