Pink & White Balloon lights 5 pack


This listing is for 5 Pink latex balloons 12 inch ( 30cm ) and 5 Pink Party Dots®. These are helium grade quality latex balloons, so you can helium fill them or air fill them depending upon your preference. You open the neck of the latex balloon and drop the Party Dot® inside. You can have these blinking or glowing by pressing the tiny switch on the side of the Party Dot®. Helium Filled these should last 8 to 10 hours if you fully inflate the balloon, use Hi Float® if you need the balloon to float longer. If you are air filling the balloon you can purchase a balloon pump or balloon electric inflator to make the job a lot easier. Our 12 inch ( 30cm ) balloons are helium grade quality Qualatex® balloons, the worlds best.

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